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Our Nourish Massage Oil is formulated using all plant based ingredients that offer excellent glide and the right amount of grip for deep tissue work. We’ve done extensive research to select scientifically proven ingredients that aid in healing and leave a nourished, moisturized satin smooth finish after the treatment is complete.

With this light oil a little goes a long way and we’ve chosen high performance botanical oils which easily absorb into your clients skin not into your linens. 

'An ideal base oil for aromatherapy applications, or as a nourishing body oil used in massage & after bathing.'

- Vanessa Stiles, Formulator

There are 6 active botanical ingredients in our blend which all have an important role:

Organic Sunflower Oil softens, hydrates and prevents moisture loss. This gentle oil provides excellent glide, is extremely gentle on sensitive skin, and absorbs easily without clogging pores.

Organic Safflower Oil is extremely hydrating and well suited for dry or acne-prone skin. Safflower soothes irritated skin, improves texture and overall appearance of skin tone. Safflower oil is a powerful botanical known boost circulation; assist healing of bruising, sprains, and inflammation. Plus this light oil easily breaks up in the wash and doesn’t leave heavy staining on massage linens.

Apricot Kernel Oil has a thin consistency which allows it to absorb quickly but penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving it looking and feeling smooth and soft. Apricot kernel oil facilitates faster healing and helps to soothe problems related to achy stiff joints. This skin revitalizing oil has antioxidant properties that repair damaged skin and reduce signs of aging.

Castor Oil is a powerful botanical when used topically forms an occlusive barrier to reduce moisture loss. Castor is deeply moisturizing, reputed for reducing inflammation, easing pain associated with stiff sore muscles, and fading the appearance of scars and skin blemishes. Castor oil improves circulation and provides relief to acne prone skin because of its antibacterial properties. Castor offers the drag you require to target specific areas without losing your grip.

Organic Camellia Seed Oil is a premium botanical ingredient which is highly regarded in natural skin care. I love camellia seed oil because it repairs and protects the skin against external environmental damage. While absorbing easily, this oil revitalizes skin and nourishes with powerful antioxidant properties know to significantly reduce signs of aging. Your clients will thank you when they notice the overall improvement in the appearance of their skin.  

Non GMO Vitamin E is an antioxidant and nutrient best known for maintaining healthy skin. When used in massage, Tocopherols are known for boosting energy and stamina, strengthening muscles, promoting the repair of muscles that have been damaged by exercise, and possibly reducing the appearance of scars. Vitamin E also nourishes and promotes the growth of new skin cells therefore, helping to alleviate dry, itchy, and irritated skin. The addition of vitamin E promotes a youthful glowing complexion.

Non GMO Rosemary Antioxidant Co2 Extract provides natural oil blends with unparalleled defense against deterioration and rancidity without requiring the use of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, solvent residues, and inorganic salts. Rosemary antioxidant extract protects the body and skin from free radical damage due to its tonic and antioxidant properties. This scientifically proven, high performance botanical ingredient sets Equip Essentials 100% Natural Massage Oil apart from the rest.


100% plant based, 60% organic ingredients, vegan, cruelty free

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