Planning Your Self-Sufficient Garden

Planning Your Self-Sufficient Garden

There’s a revival happening… 

Can you feel it? 

Hi, I’m Steph from Spruce Acres Homestead; the place where people just like you come to learn new skills to become self-sufficient. From gardening to canning, from soap-making to nourishing, homemade meals, from foraging to nature’s medicinals. 

Spruce Acres is where you learn how to live an empowered life outside of corporate greed and government reliance. 

Who The Heck Am I? 

I grew up in the 90s. The era of when kids started being introduced to technology, convenience foods, snack packs, and when marketing to kids became the thing.  

We were the last generation that spent the majority of our days outdoors instead of in front of a screen.  

As cell phones, apps, and unlimited cable TV were introduced. the feelings of disconnect, distraction, and illness increased.  

I was never taught how to cook. I didn’t know how to garden. In fact, I killed any houseplant that came to live with me! 

After marrying my high school sweetheart, I was trying to tackle some gut health issues when stumbled upon this idea that maybe what we were eating could be contributing to the illness. 

Enter a whole new world. 

I started learning shocking information about our food system.  

The toxic chemicals used on crops that degrades the soil and nutrient-value of the food, the cheap additives designed to trick our bodies, inhuman processing and mis-leading labelling and marketing – all to increase profit margins, create sick and addicted consumers, and build a cycle of health issues placated by pharmaceuticals. 

Convenience was slowly killing us. 

Disgusted and royally ticked off, I knew we needed to change. That hell-bent, “I hate cooking anything that takes longer than 5 minutes” attitude I had, would need to be checked. 

I threw myself into gardening from scratch (think a dining room filled with sprouting tomato seeds in February when you can’t plant until June), learning to cook some of our basic ingredients (pitas) and generally mashing my way through, without a plan but a whole lot of heart. 

Fast forward to now and our health has done a 180. We are no longer dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and OTCs, and have less ailments – primarily solved with natural remedies foraged and grown on our property. 

I make 99.9% of our meals from scratch, complete with dietary restrictions. We grow and preserve a large part of our own food and DIY many household products. 

Our lives have less stress, more connection. Less overwhelm, more simplicity. Less frustration, more empowerment. 


You Get to Choose 

I see you nodding your head to all of this. You get it, you see it, you understand. 

That revival you’re feeling? It’s an instinctual call to go back to our roots.  

Imagine that you could walk to your yard to grab fresh ingredients for your meal, out of a garden you grew. 

Where you could swap potatoes for onions from your neighbour. 

Where every neighbourhood had an apiary filled with sweet, nourishing, medicinal honey for its residents. 

This is the cusp we are at right now.  

One path leads to continual destruction of our world, community and sole reliance on corporations and government. The other leads to community, nature, and self-empowerment. 

The way we live right now isn’t natural – that’s why you’re feeling lost, empty, and quite frankly, overwhelmed by the world! 

The solution that will change everything is actually quite simple. 

And you get to plant your flag and choose it. 

Where Do You Start 

Our kitchens are where it begins. The connection between the garden and the table. A ticket to self-sufficiency, food security, nourishment.  

Growing a garden makes a bold statement in a world suffocating under consumerist ideals. It’s an act of defiance. 

It's time to reclaim the skills of your birthright. 

You can grow where ever you are, you don’t need a large yard, or even soil!  

If you already grow a garden, expand it. Go big, go wild! 

I’ll tell you why.  

In one year, I went from a small hobby garden to growing and preserving enough food to feed our family. Some crops a full year, some crops 4-6 months!  

At the beginning, it seemed impossible. A new baby, a toddler, still killing plants, and overwhelmed with where to even begin to grow that much food! 

In a year with intense heat, draught, and grasshoppers galore, it happened. And planning was key! 

These are skills that have become lost in just a generation or two. It’s time to bring them back into your life and your community.  

What you do has a ripple effect to those around you. Start talking, start sharing your passion and desire to go back to your roots with friends, family, and neighbours.  

Now is the perfect time to start laying out your garden plans. If you desire to level up your garden game this year, sign-up for this free workshop where we will be planning our self-sufficient gardens together! 

Buckle up, it’s going to be an amazing year!  

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